Saturday, May 12, 2007


Had my birthday shindig at the Yaki Noodle House (reviewed here) yesterday. No problem with coping with sudden invasion of 15 blindos and three dawgs. The food was liked by all but one of my party. Fortunately complacency hasn't yet set in and they still offer excellent quality food and service. Since Googling for this restaurant, the only thing which pops up as a result is this blog. Surely there must be another review, either a pro or just a humble blogger, able and willing to review it. The lack of a review, even a poor one, just tells me just how parochial the London dining world is. I do know this place is nothing special, but sites like the review local kebaberies. Come on guys.
Afterwards, spent some quality drinking time at the Barking Dog, a Wetherspoons, opposite. As part of their Real Ale Festival, one of the beers on offer was this particularly lurid looking green one below, named Silent Spring.

Sadly, the beer didn't taste especially unusual.

Twasn't a bad birthday overall, especially for a not-particularly-important 38th.

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