Friday, October 29, 2004

So tired / the play

I’m so tired.

I’m not going to write much today. The play was wonderful – a full house in fact in a fringe theatre that seats 80. Wembley Arena its not, but by far the largest number of people I've performed in front of.

No one forgot his or her lines. Everyone was in character, which once it happens, is a joy to behold. You stop watching Joe Bloggs playing at acting and instead, something magic happens.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the audience some of which we met in the bar, post-show. And my fellow cast are a truly supporting a great bunch of guys to work with. Sean Duffy, our director is one top geezer. I'd definitely work with him on another play, no question.

I’m doing my regular job as well and 18-hour days are taking their toll. Some of the cast are having days off work, but not me. Far too stubborn. Days off are for wimps.

I’ll write on Monday.

Adam the Luvvie


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