Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Degrees of grumpiness - an explanation

I was trying to explain to Lynn this morning that just because I appear to be grumpy all the time, this is not actually an indication of my poor state of mind:

DEPRESSED + GRUMPY: a bleak mood where nothing seems to go right and you feel like throwing yourself in front of the next C2C train as the thought of getting anything better is like thoughts of winning the lottery. Nice, but not likely to happen. Arguably a reflection of the true state of things.

REALLY GRUMPY: Grumpy but in a cheerful, optimistic, or at least stoic kind of way.

HAPPY GRUMPY: Full and willing acceptance that your life is a bag of poo but that it doesn’t really matter as it will go on anyway so you might as well do whatever passes for enjoyment.

HAPPY: A state of mind that requires medical intervention. Happiness comes but once a year – and more frequently than this and strong drugs might be needed.

Yes, I am a grumpy old bugger.

And I don’t care today.


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