Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lincoln (parked) - yeah, crap pun

We had a great time in Lincoln over the long weekend with Angus and Corie, her daughter (plus boyfriend) and were introduced to Corie’s old friend from school, Nicky From Bolton (Graham’s female nemesis and a real beer monster – or at least that’s what she likes people to think…).  

Great times, a barbecue cooked to perfection by yours truly after those bad kids opted out to play of all things, Cluedo. 15 years old and the sound of rebellion is deafening by its absence. A nice, sloppy long weekend.   C and A are the sort of people its just damn nice being around and we felt truly at home in their alt-gaff.  Lots of good music played, especially the new Ben Folds and some James Taylor-esque stuff by a band whose name I’ve forgotten.

We even climbed up what must be one of the Britain’s steepest hills. No, we didn’t make it to the cathedral on top, but we did find ourselves in the Magna Carta pub, which wasn’t a bad place at all as it turned out.  Clean bogs, always a good sign and getting back via the long way hone was fun (

The only downer?  Getting home again.  Nether of us wanted to leave and the train journey to London was a bit cack, but nothing untoward.  


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