Friday, October 21, 2005

iBook shocker

Has any iBook G4 owner reading this ever received a shock from their computer, of the “ouch, dammit” variety, while working with it plugged into the mains? I only noticed this the other night when I was beavering away.  My battery’s power level went into the red and so I did what anyone sensible would have, inserted the AC jack.  I was sitting on the floor at the time, and was wearing shorts, or I don’t think I’d have noticed it.

As parts of the computer touched my bare leg – namely the metal screw fitting, and the front catch was touching my chest, I noticed a slight burning sensation.  Since I had not been receiving injuries from I computer before that, I gathered it had something to do with me being plugged in.  I removed the AC jack and…job done.  No more eel impersonations.

Anyone else noticed this?

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