Thursday, December 08, 2005


Unrelated to the previous post - hence the entirely new entry - my blog has been discovered! Not by one of my many anonymous fans, but by a person at work, in fact one of my immediate work collegues. Frig me, I'll have to be VERY careful what I say now. This person informed me at the office Chrismas party (not bad as office xmas parties go) and the revelation thoroughly whacked me.

This has been an entirely private affair up till now, written for the entertainment and illumination of my good self in future years, and for any other unfortunate soul who stumbles into it via Google.

My sis Natasha came across a diary she'd written when we were flat-sharing in 1987 in Harlington, near Heathrow and it reminded her that her life then was interestingly shit. Its this kind of rose-tinted remindering I want to do. In fact, looking at his blog, I probably give the false impression that my life is far shitter than it actually is - mostly I go around with a sense of bewildered amusement mixed up with doses of boredom which unless you live the life an A list sleb is inevitable. So for the record, life ain't too bad, but I want to remind myself of the particularly good, bad or merely funny parts of it. So this dmn blog will just to reflect the bias of what I consider interesting. There are moments of sadness and regret and I include them too when I think its appropriate though often they are too personal for me or others for me to comfortable revealing all.

As to whether you find my Rants & Burblings interesting dear readerkj....well if you don't there are 10 squllion other diaries to find on the net, so find them and enjoy.

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