Thursday, January 11, 2007

First blog entry for the year. Was it worth the wait? Nah.

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Be assured, dear blogfan (the singular isn't meant to be ironic, there really is just one blogfan and I'm buggered if I know their name). There will be more writings from my sweet fingertips. But at the moment, I'm not angry or upset enough to get fired and ranty about much and I'm not feeling happy enough to create something out of bollocks-all. This sorry state of affairs may change in a very short space of time. But if I were to say that I'd bough a cordless mouse for my Mac (which is very nice and works much better than I thought, now I can use the sofa cushion as a super-large mouse mat) or if I were to to tell you that Christmas was OK - you know, not bad or fun-tastic, would you really give a lump of night-soil?

No, of course not.

What I have to say at least interests me and I hope at least 3 of your may look at in the future and laugh or just think 'what a complete tosser'. I wouldn't (and don't) care what you think. Except I would hate to bore myself because this would definitely bore you, whereas if I am entertaining myself, or my future self when I come back to this literary effluent in a few years time, at least one of us will have the decency to care.

So until I'm out of the luxury-zone of not being massively happy or depressed, I'll enjoy every second of feeling sort of middling. But I don't have much to say. Even about a new sexy shade of green or a favourite drum sample. Though much to my surprise I like the Lily Alien track which sounds a bit like Fatboy Slim's Gangster Tripping. LDN?

I'm truly sorry about that. And a happy new year from Daggersdukc, Mrs Daggersdukc and the dog.

STOP PRESS!! When I said I didn't have anything interesting to blog about that wasn't quite true. Restaurant review of the Quality Chop House coming up in the next few days. Rather an interesting place if only because its been around, more or less unchanged for over 100 years - this can be a good and bad thing as I hope will be evident. Hold your breath now, underlings.

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