Sunday, March 11, 2007


I don't want to tempt a cold north wind, but it seems as though spring is here at last.

Cleared out the garden and I'm hoping that next week we'll be able to sit in it. After the paving job, I'm looking forward to parking my butt down with Mrs D, Nicki the dog, a few mates and a collection of alcoholic bevvies.

This time, after a winter where me and the wife have been feeling the strain work-wise, its nice to be saying goodbye to winter. Our working lives may be stressy, and basically a hard slog with few day-to-day rewards, but at least the evenings and weekends will be looked forward to with gusto.

We took Nicki out to HaInault Forest yesterday as an alternative to Epping. She loved running around with Max the half-lab, half-German Shepherd, and swimming in the lake. The lazy bitch, soaking and a bit smelly fell asleep on the bus too.

Here's a picture of the forest. I have a quite long video of the dogs chasing each other buts 6.5 megs and I can't see a way of posting videos on Blogger anyhow. Reckon I have to pay or summat.

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