Sunday, February 25, 2007

Streetlights - but why?

A few minutes walk from Cadiz Court are these. Streetlights. Yeah. So what. But look at where the post is. Why is it here? It looks like the kind of streetlights you would find in the middle of a busy dual carriageway. And yet they would shine, if they were to light up at all, which they don't by the way, on precisely nothing. Unless you think of a marshy bit of parkland as a dangerous road. Yet another surreal site in a borough which is closely becoming amalgamated into the nether region that is...The Twilight Zone.

Seen from the road itself, you can see the park beyond the fence.

...and here, once again are the "lights" - this time taken from the park and looking towards the houses. I'm not convinced the devices on the end of the arms are lights at all - they look more like CCTV cameras or maybe some kind of siren?

If anyone has any further information about them, do tell.

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