Friday, November 05, 2004

A couple of other blogs I like

I'm not a great blog reader, simply because I've an addictive personality and would easily find myself sacked from my job and divorced. It could easily become the internet equivilant of daytime telly for me. But I thought I'd just mention a couple of other bloggers gear I read every now and then.

Firstly, Veghead's 'bologs'.
Recommended for his cynicism and rantings about SE London life, computers, New Cross, Goldsmiths', sandwich fillings etc.

The sort of person I'd love to chat with for a long smoke-filled evening over a drink or six. Wonderfully down-to-earth and a film buff like few others. I'm not a film nerd at all, but I think she could convert me. And she's one of the few people I can actually "hear" talking via her writings though I've never heard her voice in the flesh.

So there you go.

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