Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The day my religion died

I just want to note that after two years of soul-searching I gave up any claim Christianity had over me yesterday and am, to all intents and purposes, an atheist.

I feel quite sad about that.

Its been my crutch since the age of 14 or so., a good 23 years. But since starting uni four years later, followed by some determinedly unanswered questions, a complete lack of tangible evidence of God's existence in *my* life - well you've got to stop believing in Santa Claus some time.

For all the good Christians out there- and believe me, there are plenty - but mainly my mum and dad who gave me a good example by which to live by, my ever-loving, Christian wife - my apologies for bailing out. Whatever I think about it, this will be a shock and will sadden these good people. But IF there is a God, and my belief is that there is not, , I would rather meet him knowing that I've thought about my belief, and not, like so many others, simply followed some doctrine, sheep-like, fearful, or just unthinking. I'd rather be a firm non-believer than a by-proxy believer.

I leave the fold with a sense of regret and mostly fondness for what it held. Despite what certain idiots would have you believe, Christians are not all moronic right-wing conservative stupidheads. Jesus was easily as radical as Marx, for sure. I'll defend their right to practice their faith as long as they allow me to not practice any.

So, with the utmost respect and ultimately, regret goodbye. The evidence just doesn't add up and I can no longer lie to myself.

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