Thursday, November 02, 2006

The sea on C2C. Two news stories

Instruction to self; thou shalt not jump on train while parked at platform without first checking that the train is calling at where you want to gp tp. I ended up at the seaside last night because I didn’t. (Well, I know Benfleet is probably not quite “the seaside” but it is close enough to Leigh-on-Sea).

Two headlines in the papers, which grabbed my attention this morning.

1. The UK is the most surveyed society in the world. There are 4.2m CCTV cameras, both publicly and privately owned. That’s one for every 14 people.

2. British teenagers have the most fights, drink the most, and have the largest amount of unsafe sex in Europe.

Which leads to the conclusion: this government doesn’t trust us very much. And that if you treat people like stupid kids, rather than citizens, they’ll act like stupid kids. Even stupid kids take stupid kidism to new heights. Self-fulfilling prophecy, dahling.

Another pertinent point. More cameras, badder teenagers. Well that really works then.

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