Monday, July 23, 2007

More dereliction

I honestly don't go out of my way to find these, but while I was scoping out the area around my possible new employer, at the end of the 369 bus route at Thames View, Barking, these Cadiz Court style beauties found me. There were at least three of these flatblocks. I wil come here again, and get a pictorial sense of the sinister and sad at night. I lived in a tower block for two years and loved it. Admittedly, it was at Warmington Tower, a hall of residence block next to Goldsmiths' College in New Cross, a well maintained place, but I was always jealous of anyone who grew up in one. I spent my childhood in a nice but boring terrace house and live in one now. Thought I love having a garden, I always saw myself moving to a tower, especially one of the higher ones in Hackney - Trowbridge Estate or Holly Street would have been just fine.

Is Barking and Dagenham Council having a bad day with their tower blocks? I really can't see what's wrong with these, besides their generaly closed-down-ness. Anyone local, like Yaki Noodles commentator, know the area better than me and can explain what's going on?

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