Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mrs Dukc on holiday

This is weird. I'm on my own for a few days while Mrs DD visits her N. Irish rellies. I feel...obsolete and empty. Is this what being involuntarily single would feel like all the time?

I never, ever EVER thought I'd ever feel like this. I was quite a happy and a reasonably successful singleton and hardly ever a resentful or jealous one. Nearly always with someone when I wanted to be, plenty of friends, driking 3-4 nights a week - OK, so I couldn't do THAT now, I'm 38 now after all.

Being married changes you in ways you could not expect. Missing her and doing things I'd like to do instead, like read, a little luxury I haven't indulged since...well I'll go into my work woes in another entry since I want an early night tonight and the account would take me half an hour to write at least.

Seven years married August 20th. Does the infamouse itch kick in then? Certainly don't feel like it could now. Being married feels comfortable, familiar and safe, but with enough good banter and sparring to stop the boredom from setting in. Mrs D is a supreme debater though she'd probably deny it.

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