Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello John, gotta a new mo-ta!

I’m about to be the proud best man to my mate, who is a 70s car nut, and ideally, he would like to be transported to his nuptial ceremony in a motor born before the days of lead-free petrol. So it was with a sense of serendipity that both of us should stumble across this rare and wild beast in the centre of where it was probably made.

Therefore, as a relic of Dagenham’s finest export, I give you a (somewhat rusting – no, completely red-flaked), Cortina Mk III estate. A car I’m very familiar with indeed having been driven to school in one for three or so years in the early 70 when I was but a nipper.

Built in a time before accountants were moved to the design department.

It’s just a shame this one is is more rust than car.

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