Friday, September 23, 2005

Another crap week in the office

This is a quick one as I’m about to shoot out for a few beers.

I have spent the last week being very, very angry.  Not with the injustices of life, which are tough enough, but at least consistent, but the injustices of work.

My comments in ‘Angry’ a few blogs back apply.  Only now the ante has been upped.  Not only have two of my colleagues either resigned or taken redundancy, but no new staff are being hired, and me and the remaining guy, a junior member of staff like me, are the only ones taking the shit.

And I’ve just been told that a report I spent six hours writing – as well as learning two new pieces of software in order to produce said report, is no longer required.  This notification I received only AFTER I’d written in (in the belief, oh silly me, that there was a deadline of yesterday evening to have it completed).  

The work I don’t do or don’t have time to do is criticized no end.  The work I do brilliantly well is c*nting well ignored.  I am at the point where to be sacked, or for myself to take the redundancy package I might be offered if I ask for it, is a viable, and increasingly attractive option.  

Man, I need a brew or ten.

Mood:  Truly f**ked off
Book:  The Closed Circle by Jonathan Coe (8 out of 10)
Music: Rammstein

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