Sunday, September 18, 2005

Carly installed at uni, parents, invite

Carly moved in to hallos this weekend.  She is now a physio student.  I am proud of her indeed.  I won't dwell on this topic for too long as its outside the remit of this blog, but I have an idea of what my parents might have felt like when I started as a Goldsmiths' fresher back in 1989.  I wish her all the success in the world.

Had the parents over the weekend fixing our shower taps and generally had an easy going time with them.  Went out for Steak (at the adventurously named 'Steak out' chain of pub/restaurants). The food was tough but cheap. Probably won't venture there again.

On Friday, was given a load of MP3s from Crispy at work.  This is itself  wouldn't be an 'event' had it not been for the fact that one of the CDs was by Rammstein.  What a great bunch of tracks!  I loved Rein Raus, and will try and get  translations as the words are all German.  Loved the sheer overblown pomposity of their sound -good music to play during those angry moments.

Wrote invitation to Lynn's 40th birthday bash:

Dear Plebs

You are cordially invited to the sort of coarse, vulgar, rude and
crude event you have come to expect from us.   (This may involve the
swappage of sleeping bags and bodily fluids - see Beverley La Piaget (a pseudonym for a child famously conceived at one of our parties).

And what, I hear you squeal, is this excuse for debauchery being
proposed?  Its Lynn's "39 - been there, done that" bash.  Well with a
life as eventful of hers, the only way is down, so we need to send to
her towards retirement and death as gracelessly as possible and
dammit, we'll give it our collective best shot.

Be there or be…somewhere else.

The date:  19th November
The place:  XXX, Bognor (no, we are being serious!)
The time:  Any time you like but around 1800 is as good a time as any.

There is a range of pubs in the local area, including the XXX bang

The arrangements:  Food will be provided.  There will be a lot of it,
so bring your dentures and doggy bag (to put your dog in).

However, you will damn well pay for your own accommodation since we
are neither an accommodation bureau nor American Express Platinum Card
holders.  The aforementioned XXX does rooms at the rather cheeky
price of £18.50 per sweating body.  If you book through us, you'll get a group discount.

So please let us know before 1 October or we'll expect to see you
sleeping in the streets of Bognor.

Music:  Rammsteain
Book:  The Closed Circle by Jonathan Coe
Mood: Tired, pleased with the way thing have turned out with Carly, and not a tinsy winsy bit relieved.

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