Friday, September 02, 2005

New Orleans madness

Firstly, a huge thanks to my Apple correspondent, Diego for his help in resolving some of my Mac questions. Much appreciated mate. I’ve sent you a separate email.

Secondly, just a message to any Americans reading this, particularly those living in the south. Us Brits are thinking about you. I’m pretty doubtful there is much of any worth that individual citizens can do from here, and unlike the Third World, its not for want of cash aid that the good people of New Orleans and the surrounding area – which is the size of the UK apparently – are suffering. It makes the London bombings of 7 July look like a teddy bear’s picnic in comparison. What the heck is the so-called President doing? Having a monumental wank by the looks of it. Watching the news over here, I’m surprised the US government hasn’t requested international assistance, particularly as half the American military is engaged elsewhere. It reminds me a bit of the Russian government's attititude towards the Kursk disaster where by the time international aid was requested, it was too late to save those poor bastards. Is the government of the US too proud to ask for foreign expertise? Once again, it looks like the government of the States is looking inwards rather than seeking help from friendly allies like those in Europe and Australia. And all this time, more and more New Orleans citizens are dying, being raped, catching all manner of water-borne diseases and generally having a sh1t time of it.

This year has been one for plagues and disasters of biblical proportions hasn’t it? Along with Chicago and San Fran, New Orleans was one of those cities I would have loved to visit, but I guess that’s off the cards for the foreseeable.

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