Saturday, February 03, 2007

Supercasino. Great location choice, chaps

So Manchester go the supercasino!

CLEV-UH. About as clever as anything else this bunch of incompetents have planned. What were NuLab thinking of?

I think any supercasino is a pretty crap idea, but the decision to put in Manchester takes some beating for incompetence in my opinion. The choice of the Dome would have been a supreme farce as well, since the attraction (if you can call it that) of Las Vegas is that it is the middle of nowhere and there wasn't much to see or do other than playing the slots and poker tables, hence the hotels charge almost nothing knowing that you'd be pulled to the cards or fruities. The idea in Greenwich's case, was a stick a giant hotel near the dome, which couldn't have charged next-to-nothing prices as its only 15 minutes away on the Jubillee Line to central London, so would have been a conveniently cheap site for tourists not the slightest bit interested in throwing money away on blackjack. And since this is going to be white elephant anyhow, it would have been laughable to have created not one, but two on the same site. Manchester though? Beswick is a poor quarter, isn't best served by transport (no tram, yet) and is in a location not associated with fun, as would have been the case with Blackpool, the tackiest kind of fun, but nevertheless, fitting some kind of criteria in the same way that Atlantic City is also tacky, gaudy full of the American equivalent of kiss me quick hats (check out any early Bruce Springsteen album which seems to focus on this part of New Jersey prominently).

I think the government, knowing the whole idea of a supercasino has turned out to be a dead loss, plan to deliberately fail it by placing it in a no-hope location, so at least they can shrug and say to those Mafia types in America and the nu-rich Russians with far too much money who are both certainly up to their necks in this face: "I'm sorry guys, we tried our hardest to convince 'em, but the Brits just ain't falling for this £10,000 jackpot lark".

I give it a year. Then bye bye. Or a government subsidy to keep it open in the name of 'job retention'. They did it with the Saudis and BAE, so why not?

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