Sunday, July 10, 2005

London terror - that 'Monday' feeling

Its weird. All my London friends have a 'well lets get on with it' attitude. Whereas my out of London friends and family are more frightened for us than we are.

This includes Lynn's mum. Lynn spent much of her early life in the Shankhill Road area of Belfast, and her mum would put her to bed in the back room of the house to avoid stray bullets from hitting her. The flats opposite there's used to be quite a popular venue for gun target practice apparently!

I was talking to Lynn about this phenomena this morning, and she reminded me how nervous I was during my first trip to Northern Ireland. Its true that if you are living in the thick of things, and lets face it, it's quite likely that this is merely Terrorist Attack numero uno, you have a, if not blase, then at least the attitude that errs on the side of having to pay your mortgage, visit friends on the other side of London and otherwise carry on living.

I can't say I'm thrilled at the prospect of going to work tomorrow, but the little bastards won't be stopping me or Lynn from doing just that. I'd much rather be sitting on Bondai Beach with a cocktail in my hand, or perhaps walking through a Swedish forest. But London will have to do for now.

So when you read that London is 'burning with terror' as some al-Queada site was quoted as saying then quite honestly, its total shit.

The Blitz Spirit is an oft quoted cliche used to described how it feels in London right now. It is hackneyed. But its true as well.

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