Saturday, July 23, 2005

Meek, but not mild

A fantastic CD arrived this morning.

That CD is the best of Joe Meek. There are many things that I cold write about him, but more detailed and accurate descriptions can be found with a quick Goggle if you haven't heard of this pioneer of British pop. You should have a listen, but if you've heard Telstar, the 1962 instrumental and the largest selling instrumental of all time, and coincidentally, the first British hit to reach no. 1 in the USA then you already have.

The CD arrived after seeing the West End play 'Telstar' last Saturday. There is definitely more cheese on this album than inside the average gorgonzola warehouse, but there are a surprisingly large number of excellent tracks as well, tracks that make you wonder why only Sean Rowley plays them today. They've put me in an incredibly good mood.

See the play. Buy the CD, and send me your thanks. But most of all, go and read the history of this complex, troubled purveyor of genius and sleazy tracks. I think Lynn and me should pay homage to him at the annual RGM Appreciation society bash.

Many of his tracks were banned by the BBC over issues of taste and decency. Lynn, looking on Google for other artists' banned tracks found this fact. Only one artist has asked for his *own* track to be banned. Who was it?

Answer on next entry.

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