Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The usual old crud

The answer was of course Sir Cliff. Who had no idea apparently that his song Honky Tonk Angel was referring to a prostitute until it was subtly pointed out to him after it had been released.

This week so far has been one of the most hectic ever. We’re going away in a few days time and I’m playing pre-catch up. This wasn’t helped by our servers playing rotten sods – aided by me I might add who crashed the system well after the only person with permission to reset the server was long gone. Monday was an 11 hour day and today was fairly short knowing that I’ll be up to my neck on Wednesday and Thursday.

Harry MdDowell, friend of Lynn’s family died on Monday of asbestosis – what a rotten way to go. I met him a few times, but he was hardly a mate. His funeral is on Thursday, the day before we travel of Northern Ireland with my parents and the Big Girl so thank the lord above we’ll be missing that. Given the Marno’s, it’ll be a drama fest being my capabilities. Lynn has kept her job after being job matched, and I’ve been told my boss that after being job matched meself I should be going up a grade. Oh the career rages on an express-train like pace. In 2000 years I’ll be head of ICT!

More good news. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this but Carly disposed of her mobile phone along with cash and cards on a train last Wednesday. Thank goodness for the kind station staff at Oxford station who picked it up and kept it aside for her. After they (or a passenger) raided the cash first. I was dreading paying out for a new phone and a new copy of Talks (speech software used by blind people on mobiles) which would have been around £180 – 250 smackeroonies. ]

This may be the last entry for a while as I’ll be away for a week or so, and in the meantime, have more work than I could possibly throw a large plank of wood at. I’m sort of dreading/looking forward to the holiday with my parents in NI, mainly because its their first time there, they haven’t met the crazy Marnos (who are a lovely bunch of people, especially Granny Annie (my mum in law, my two sisters in law Caron and Sandra, and Donna. But love them or hate them, they can be hard work. And let’s face it, after the last holiday I went on with my parents, to Prague, an unmitigated disaster, I swore that I should have left my last holiday with them back in my teens. It was only disaster really because some Czech fuckwits stole from them, not once but twice in a week. They aren’t the most streetwise of people, granted, and this sort of thing has never happened to either of us, but they deserved better. It’s just that you can only take so much stress on holiday. And Craigavon may have some rough edges to put it mildly (bullets fired through windows, you know, gentle stuff) but I do believe their wallet and possessions will mainly be safe.

Book: Just Metro at the moment
Sounds: TV – well ‘Bunking Off’ on BBC1 to be exact, but its only background as I type and the remote is underneath Lynn who is sleeping.
Mood: Knackered

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